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Highlighter shades for new season bags

To switch on with style your look in this hot season, you have to choose the colors more intense but also trendier. When the temperature rises and you can enjoy a nice sunny day, perfect for getting a tan amazing you can even dare a little, maybe with a bag.

They are back in fashion and this season are ready to conquer any woman, even the most skeptical. The colors from the greater the yellow highlighter but it is certainly not the only one. Green, hot pink and orange form the shoulder and are exclusive and nuance are trendy and stylish outfit.

The neon bags are a great alternative to those who want an it bag trend but who want to get away from the classical canons of fashion to surprise with accessories. Let’s find some pattern so that you’ll know soon how to wear them and how to match them to your everyday style.

We talked about neon bags for spring/summer 2016 mainly in neon yellow so let’s start from here, from winning colours and beloved but also from a bag which has recently gained a large number of fashionistas. This is a folder, with shoulder strap, leather light yellow fluo by Primark, ideal for day look, for errands or even to go to university. It combines to perfection in many looks, from a complete normcore up to short and long dresses, even better if total black.

Other color that accompanies the yellow is the fluorescent green and is definitely more intense and even unusual. Shoulder straps are among the bags must of the time which is why we propose another medium-small sized. To sign it is Paul’s Boutique and, like the previous model, has a small thin handle, so you can take it by hand.

Even the orange can become fluo and enact great energy. In this case we propose a broad flap leather clutch and chain detail leather shoulder strap with always of Lanvin. It is a solid color that you select from the French fashion house, a stylish creation for those who love to look that stands out.

Finally, as you well know, one of the colors of the markers most loved by guys is definitely the rose, which is very similar to the finish in fuchsia neon acquires. In this case we have selected just a neon bag spring/summer 2016 pink with orange elements of H & M, a clutch bag to carry by hand and therefore perfect for the evening.

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